Soft shutter features


Privacy is an essential requirement at home. With aluminum rolling shutters, you can enjoy privacy inside your home and control it according to your needs.

Effective weather protection:

Aluminum rolling shutters provide the best protection against dust, dirt, rain and sunlight. To keep the atmosphere of the rooms comfortably shaded. It also protects carpets, furniture and window frames from UV damage.

thermal insulation:

Aluminum rolling shutter strips injected with polyurethane form a heat-insulating wall. In addition, the space between the window and the rolling shutter curtain forms an air cushion that acts as an effective insulation layer that keeps the room atmosphere comfortable, and this provides you with a better investment of heating and air conditioning energy in your home throughout the year.

Sunlight control (enjoy and control sunlight indoors):

The aluminum rolling shutter adjusts the amount of light inside the house, as it can be precisely adjusted to provide a limited amount of 100% shade.

Acoustic insulation (get rid of car noise):

The aluminum rolling shutter slats injected with polyurethane (foam) reduce the noise level to a large extent to ensure you and your children a quiet sleep at night or during the day hours.

Bright colors (multiple options give you freedom to experiment):

The aluminum rolling shutter from Madar is distinguished by the availability of a wide variety of colors. You can choose the color of the rolling shutter that matches the general view of the building and gives it a beautiful appearance.

Longevity (peace of mind):

Aluminum Muff Rolling Shutters made of the finest raw materials and the best technologies.