Hard shutter features

High protection against burglary and theft:

The protection rolling shutter is distinguished from the ordinary rolling shutter in that it is made of aluminum sectors with high thickness and is equipped with special accessories to increase protection, the most important of which are:

– The safety strap that represents a hidden automatic lock that prevents the mat from being lifted from the outside.

Additional side locks secure the mat to the side tracks.

Effective protection from storms and strong winds:

Storms and strong winds put great pressure on the glass openings, especially the large ones, which makes them vulnerable to breakage.

rust protection:

The use of rolling shutters as protection obviates the use of iron cages that are affected by weather factors, causing rust that distorts the general view.

A variety of colors to suit different tastes:

The rolling shutter is characterized by its bright and varied colors that suit the colors of the windows and the exterior finish of the villa.

Calmness and smooth movement:

Madar Roller Shutter is characterized by its calmness and smooth movement, because each slat is equipped with plastic gaskets that prevent the aluminum from rubbing against each other.

Full view of the exterior:

Rolling shutters provide complete and comfortable viewing protection for the landscape outside without any barriers.

installation locations
Rolling shutters are used to protect windows and doors in:

Places that require protection from weather factors, such as coastal areas and areas with strong winds.
Places that require high protection from burglary and theft in addition to an elegant appearance, such as (company offices, villas, etc.).